class schedule

The following schedule of classes is effective fall 2023. Session dates vary so please contact us for more information or to register. Saturday and Sunday morning classes take place at 74 Joy St. Boston, MA 02114.

*After school DASEP Karate classes at the Florida Ruffin Ridley School are only available to their students.


Family karate @8:15Am






adults @9:00am

kiddie karate @10:15am

kids (7-13) @11:00am

for kids


kiddie karate

Experiencing traditional martial arts has been transformative for many of our youngest learners over the years and this early education program continues to set 好色先生网站 apart. Register for weekday classes through or contact us for information regarding Sunday mornings. Give your child an early start!


after school enrichment

For over 30 years, 好色先生网站 has been partnering with extended day organizations at both public and private schools in Boston and Brookline, MA.  On-site classes make this program especially attractive to elementary school parents and programmers. We bring the dojo to you!

what to expect

It鈥檚 important for parents to know what their children are learning at each level, as well as have realistic goals and expectations. Based on our experience in child development and psychology, we鈥檝e established the following guideline:

kiddie karate (5 and under)

Children at this age...

  • are introduced to social skills (eye contact, raising hand, lining up, etc.)

  • learn basic body awareness (body parts, hopping, weight transference, etc.)

  • learn balancing and tumbling

  • learn basic Japanese phrases/culture (counting and greetings, bowing)


beginner karate (5-7 years old)

Children at this age...

  • continue to develop body awareness

  • learn balance, coordination and fine motor skills

  • learn martial arts basics, forms, etc.

  • learn martial arts etiquette and continue learning Japanese phrases/culture


intermediate karate (8-10 years old)

Children at this age...

  • focus more on traditional Uechi Ryu karate

  • begin practicing regularly outside the dojo

  • learn the importance of keeping a journal 

  • learn personal responsibility

  • continue learning Japanese phrases/culture


advanced karate (8-13 years old)

Children at this age...

  • focus on goal setting and belt rank

  • focus on quality of movement

  • learn creative problem solving, critical thinking

  • use karate concepts in their athletic and creative endeavors


juniors karate (13-16 years old)

Children at this age...

  • matriculate into adult classes in preparation for black belt at 16 years old

  • receive adult ranks (white, green & brown belt)

  • focus more on goals, community and leadership

  • are encouraged to explore other martial arts and activities


summer camp

Fun-filled days with dojo friends during summer keep everyone sharp and having a great time. Open to all ages and ranks, our 好色先生网站 summer camp seeks to strike a perfect balance between education and vacation. Workshops, games, meals and more鈥 Contact us for more information!

learn together


family karate

At the core of our dojo community since the very beginning has been our family program, which offers children and their parents the opportunity to learn together. These classes take place on Saturday mornings at 8:15 am. Kick the weekend off right with something both fun and meaningful!

did you know?

karate comes from okinawa, home to the world鈥檚 largest concentration of centenarians (people over 100 years old).

for adults

We鈥檙e all looking for something different. It might be a boost in confidence, a new cultural experience or an alternative to the gym routine. Besides offering innumerable health benefits and self-defense training, karate contains elements of dance, yoga and athletics, as well as science, art and philosophy. Our approach is holistic, making our lessons accessible to all.



Our beginner program is a great way for new students to experience martial arts for the first time in a comfortable, judgement-free setting. This is an introduction to traditional karate and martial arts movement in general.

all ranks

These classes offer adults of all ranks the chance to workout together and take things to the next level with some more advanced concepts/drills. Classes are also open to advanced students 13 years and older. 

black belt

Black belt classes are open to black belts only.  Other ranks and visitors from other dojos are welcome but should get permission before attending.  Expect a real workout full of kihon, kata, bunkai, kumite and more.

*Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding private group or 1:1 lessons.

personal safety & self-defense

Savvy & Safe

These workshops and seminars outline strategies for avoiding danger using simple deterrents like time, light and noise. Participants learn how to develop increased awareness, problem solving skills and confidence, as well as simple self-defense techniques which are easy to remember and proven effective in physical confrontations.